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            Excellent Components Distributor

            Global Mobile Intelligence

            IOT Solution Provider

            Blue Tooth Audio True Wireless Stereo
            Smart Blue Tooth Audio Speaker
            Smart Home appliance
            BLDC Motor Control

            Complete Product Supply

            - Consumer Electronics & Home Appliance -
            - Information Technology & Networking -
            - Data & Telecommunications -
            - Industrial & Power -

            Professional and Technical Services

            GMI has more than 25 years of operating experience, and the main difference with competitors is a strong internal engineering team, and is committed to the development of new projects, to provide customers from the product concept definition to large-scale production.

            Precise Market Strategy

            GMI Technology is a leading Total Solution Provider for Asia companies and for brand names all over the world. We are constantly striving to develop product solutions that lead market trends, integrate new technologies and leverage our company expertise with our strategic partners.

            Application solution design

            With more than 20 years from the MP3 / MP4 solution design started to provide greater China customers to enter the market early and enjoy the results, GMI still keep the spirit of this development to provide customers turn-key solution from IOT, SSD, Type C , motor control as well as other application design, GMI is always to help customers from the product design to mass production with the total solution design

            Completed Product Strategy

            To stay ahead of the competition, GMI Technology focuses on developing products that lead market trends, provide new function and offer superior performance and quality. We take advantage of our vast product portfolio, seasoned engineering teams, and strong partnerships to provide Total Solutions in 4 main product categories

            Oracle ERP System

            Globalized Management System - Oracle (Financial Reporting, Purchasing / Sales Order Management, Inventory Management, ROI & Employee Value Analysis, etc.)

            VMI Logistics Services

            With the needs of customers Global Logistic, we provide customers just in time delivery service and VMI services in Greater China, which reduced customer inventory level and increased customer production efficiency.